Strategic Objectives 3: Enhance capacity of communities and leaders to promote
Transparency, Accountability, and Anti-Corruption in the monitoring and delivery
public services.

Strategic Actions:

  1. Design a Transparency, Accountability and Anti-corruption (TAAC) strategy
  2. Conduct a survey of community perspectives on the status of corruption in service delivery in
    the country
  3. Develop relevant training materials on TAAC
  4. Deliver training to build capacities of CSOs and media practitioners in empowering citizens
    to effectively play their roles
  5. Undertake community-facility linkages strengthening.
  6. Promote use of community-based information management systems in the provision of health
    care and other social service delivery interventions and referrals.
  7. Design relevant actions to remove administrative, legal and social barriers to communities’,
    access, use and uptake of public services interventions

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