Strategic objectives

To achieve our vision and mission, the following strategic actions are undertaken, among others:

  • Basic and applied policy research and analysis for evidence-based informed decision making and program interventions.
  • Promote civic engagement between rights-holders (or citizens entitled to be served) with those in leadership positions obligated to offer services and implement projects for improved well-being.
  • Support community-based leaders in undertaking improved health interventions, accelerated socio-economic development, and access to better livelihood opportunities to address debilitating vulnerabilities at household, community, local government and national levels.
  • Address socio-cultural, barriers and support the provision of comprehensive HIV/Aids, TB and anti-malarial services among key populations.
  • Nurture the youth in leadership and increase their capacities for effective participation, advocacy and enabling them to become architects for a better future.
  • Facilitate regional solidarity and cross-border initiatives aimed at ensuring peaceful co-existence, sound trade, socio-economic integration, resource sharing and eco-system protection and sustainability.
  • Build our internal capacity to achieve AFLI’s purpose (vision/mission); by strengthening governance, management and providing the necessary funding, equipment, systems upgrade/redesign, and human resource training.