Promoting Peace through Sports and Theater in Karamoja Cluster of Kenya and Uganda.

‘Ateker’ communities sharing a common history as a people straddling across the international borders
of: Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan and Ethiopia;
Torn by decades of inter-ethnic, tribal (identity based) and resource based conflicts over grass, water, and livestock, perpetuated by interconnected and mutually reinforcing factors of poverty, insecurity and marginalization leading to unacceptable levels of underdevelopment and backwardness.

The Problem Analysis:
Cyclic violent conflict:
Militarization and use of force to make peace in the Karamoja region
Poor access to basic services

Two mutually reinforcing strategies:
Applied research

Involving rapid appraisals, appreciative inquiry and development communication
techniques used to generate evidenced based advocacy materials for:
o A clear appreciation of the problematic and its reinforcing factors,
o Appropriate messaging content,
o Consensus building,

Leadership and Policy Facilitation

Leading to consensus building aimed at:
o Helping the people and governments to appreciate their historic interdependence and
o Motivating them to deepen their unshakable commitment to reclaiming their right to human
dignity and to improvement of their socio-economic situation.