Past Projects

Peace Building and Human Rights Protection

Within the framework of our vision and mission, we implement initiatives to facilitate regional solidarity, co-existence and stability in the border areas. Under our theme titled “Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace”, we create dialogue avenues between senior government officials from communities like the Turkana and West Pokot counties of Kenya, Karamoja Region of Uganda, Toposa of South Sudan and Nyangatom of Ethiopia.

Accelerated Mother and Child Survival in Karamoja


After reviewing research reports, we took it upon ourselves to play a pivotal role in improving the welfare of children in the Karamoja region.

In partnership with UNICEF and other organisations, we set out to empower care-givers and leaders to create an enabling environment for children to live healthy and long. 

Ateker Cross-border Initiative for Peace

We organised a conference of policy-makers, governance experts, diplomats and development specialists to discuss the myriad of historical challenges facing the Ateker communities living in the borderland area straddling Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia in the Eastern and Horn of Africa regions.

Civil Military Cooperation in Karamoja (CIMIC)

 Together with partners we initiated an integrated peace and security project that achieved major milestones towards sustainable stability and development in the Karamoja region. Branded the Civil-Military Co-operation (CIMIC), the project was implemented through;