Guiding Philosophy, values, and Principles

We uphold the following values and principles in our work; in our interactions with each other internally, as well as with our clients and other stakeholders.

Professionalism: We demonstrate skill, competence, excellence, high ethical standards &respect for all.

Cost-effectiveness: We undertake our program activities & joint actions with prudent expense management to attain optimum outputs.

Consultative partnership: We share our plans with our partners to align objectives, actions and methods for effectiveness.

Strategic focus: We tap into our corporate strengths to achieve maximum impact in our initiatives.

Equity: We embrace equity and fairness in human resources management and in developing our objectives, policies and programs.

Transparency and Accountability: We uphold transparency and accountability in our operations.

Upholding African Culture: We uphold, respect and encourage the use of positive aspects of the African philosophy, values, traditional (organic) institutions, socio-cultural networks and economic relations.