Youth Entrepreneurial Skilling


King David District farmer service center (FSC) Moroto, is established under the Gudie Leisure
farm (GLF) partnership MoU with Moroto District Local Government supported by GOAL. King
David FSC now serves as a skilling and support center for both youth champions (YACs) and
Youth on Apprentices (YAAs) in Moroto district on white meat Value chain and Horticulture.

The FSC is providing inputs to support the Youth Agripreneur champions (YACs) who have
completed incubation program at GLF and other Youth Agripreneur Apprentices (YAAs) who
have joined the expanded Parish Entrepreneurial Learners Associations (PELAs). The FSC also
serves as a coordination office currently open daily and being run by 6 YACs attached and
working with the FSC on voluntary basis as facilitated by the GDA. Each node is being
represented among the 6 volunteer YACs.