Ateker Cross Border Leadership Initiative for Peace, Security & Development.

The project is linked to the ‘Ateker’ people who are the Itung’a speaking group of Nilotes (formerly referred to as Nilo-Hamites) whose cradle is historically traced to a land between the Blue Nile and White Nile of present day Sudan. They currently inhabit the borderland area (Zone 3) which is the most conflict-prone zones straddling four countries (Kenya, Uganda, Sudan and Ethiopia) in the Eastern and Horn of Africa region.

On the whole, the region experiences recurrent widespread cattle rustling, lawlessness, criminality, banditry and generalized insecurity. The zone also suffers from absence of the state or weak presence of its law enforcement institutions .The violent conflicts are exacerbated by the proliferation of illicit small arms and light weapons, extreme poverty, chronic food insecurity, limited access to basic services such as water, education health and environmental degradation leading to the depletion of the natural survival base.

Overall Objective
To contribute towards the formulation of a comprehensive and practical framework for collaboration and promotion of lasting peace, human security and socio-economic development among the Ateker communities and their immediate neighbours in Southern Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda.
Specific Objectives
I. To promote a common understanding of the historical roots and identity of Ateker in the four countries
in order to attain durable peace, security and development.
II. To generate consensus among the people in the Ateker zone on the sources of persistent failures to
bring about peace and development in the Ateker zone and chart a united way forward.

III. To promote customary and formal inter-community dialogue on accountability, reconciliation and economic inter-dependence for peaceful co-existence among the Ateker across borders
IV. To generate inputs and formulate a comprehensive Road Map for regional peace, security and
development among the Ateker; towards sustainable peace security and development at regional, national, sub national and community (Adakar) levels.