Accelerated child survival and development in Karamoja

Karamoja sub-region has continued to experience persistent high rates of early childhood illnesses and
deaths compared to the rest of the country. More so, Karamoja is the poorest region of Uganda as measured by income per capita and in terms of key human development indicators. These have made Karamoja the worst place in Uganda to live in and grow up as a child with elevated levels of early childhood mortality and morbidity.

Overall Objective
To contribute to sustained Child Survival and Development efforts in Karamoja sub-region, by Empowering Caregivers and Influential persons in relevant leadership positions to create fiscal space for
children and act as their dependable advocates and protectors.

Specific Objectives
a. To empower and build the capacity of the Karamoja leaders to effectively monitor, oversee
and advocate for the well being of Karamoja’s children at all levels, in partneship with UNICEF
and other child-serving organizations.
b. To build evidence on the status of children in Karamoja through periodic collection and analysis
of information that will be used for various advocacy purposes.
c. To positively influence decision making dynamics at Ekal (household) and Ere (manyatta) levels in
favour of children and their mothers.
d. To strengthen the community based health care system by helping to bridge the gap between the
formal system and the traditional care delivery practices through supporting the involvement of
authentic informal leadership structures that will increase the acceptance and usage of Village
Health Teams (VHTs) and their formal healthcare services among the Ere and Awuyi dwellers.

The project is being implemented by the Moroto AFLI Field Office in collaboration with UNICEF-Karamoja
Zonal Office and the 5 District Local Governments (Moroto, Nakapiripirit, Kotido, Kaabong and Abim).
The project builds on the gains that were made during the three months Karamoja leaders ’Standing Tall
Together on Accelerated and Sustained Child Survival Campaign’ (September, October and November
2008). This was initiated by UNICEF and supported by the Karamoja District local governments, Ministry of health, Office of the Prime minister – Karamoja affairs, Ministry of Education and Sports, Minister of State for Children Affairs, Karamoja Parliamentary Group and the Presidential Assistant on Karamoja Disarmament.