Parliament sat with Rt. Hon. Anitah Among presiding. Top on the Order Paper were Motions for the adoption of Reports of Sectoral Committees on the Ministerial Policy Statement and Budget Estimates for 2022/23.

First to go was the Environment and Natural Resources Committee. Dr. Otiam Otaala, the Chair of the Committee said “To address the underfunding gap of the mineral development program, the committee recommends that UGX 16.2bn be provided for construction of 10 weighbridges across mines countrywide. This will result in NTR collection of about UGX 8 trillion in the next 10years”, he said.

Also, in order to address fuel shortages in the country, the committee on Natural Resources recommends for amendment of the Petroleum Supply Act to provide for minimum fuel stock at government storage facilities. He said funding should be set aside for the development of the Kampala Fuel Storage Terminal. Under Vote 019 (Ministry of Water and Environment), the Committee observed that the sector has several critical activities that are either unfunded or underfunded for FY 2022/23. 

The Committee on Natural Resources recommended that the government of Uganda provides UGX 30 billion specifically for drilling boreholes to increase access to safe water supply in unserved areas.

In response, Hon. Gilbert Olanya (Kilak South County, FDC) said, “Let Ugandans enjoy clean water. Many of our people especially those in rural areas do not have access to clean water, so let the money be put to proper use”.  

Gilbert Olanya: Last year, we passed a loan for the rural electrification program and as I talk the program is moving on so well. Personally, in my district of Amuru, the project is moving on well.

On the contrary, Oyam Woman MP Santa Alum says that Rural Electrification Agency did surveys in various districts.

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