MPs implore the government to remove curfew

Members of parliament have called upon government to remove curfew or atleast extend the curfew time to accomodate Muslim late night prayers during Ramadan.

The Speaker of parliament directed the Prime minister to update the House on government plans regarding reviewing of the COVID-19 guidelines.

The Prime Minister yesterday (13th April 2021) clearly stated that its only the president who can lift or remove curfew hours.

He told the MPs that the president is yet to address the nation where he will inform the Public on the importance of curfew and other SOPs and even explore other measures to keep the public safe.

Members of Parliament in their argument however pointed out that curfew is now being used by security operatives for extorting money from the citizens.

One MP even gave an example where his car was stopped and the security operatives requested for “some water” which literally means a bribe!

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