2 thoughts on “Radio and TV Talk Shows about the Parliamentary Scorecard”

  1. Thank you AFLI for helping Ugandans to hold their leaders accountable for their works in parliament. I would like to know if the scorecard will be translated in various local languages for the people who can’t read the English language.

    1. Hello Ms.Nakiwala,

      Thank you for reaching out to us and for following and appreciating the work we are doing. AFLI through the scorecard provides evidence-based information that citizens can use: a) to appreciate the role MPs play and to understand how they performed in relation to others and how the institution of Parliament performs on an annual basis. b) to demand for accountable and responsive leadership. C) to make informed decisions in choosing their leaders.
      Regarding your idea of translating the scorecard into local languages- we will take it into consideration. Thanks.

      Otherwise, thank you soo much for reaching out to us! Follow us on for further and timely engagement on our social media pages-facebook, twitter, Instagram, Linkedin among others.

      Regards from us at AFLI!

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