Updates on the Uganda Parliament.

Today marked the 8th Sitting of the 2nd Meeting of the 2nd Session of the 11th Parliament. The Speaker, Rt. Hon. Anitah Among Chaired the Sitting. In her communication, she said the following day’s Order Paper would handle only one item, “Actions taken on all reports that have been laid on the floor of Parliament”.

The Speaker, Rt. Hon. Anitah Among

Kickstarting the debate of the day, Hon. Dan Atwijukire, (Kazo County MP, NRM) requested that as investigations on the externalization of labor take place, they reveal who the exporters are so that their legalities can be ascertained. Also Hon. Niringimana James (Kinkizi County West MP, NRM) raised concern over the decision of the Ministry of Finance to prioritize funding of items not appropriated by Parliament. On his part, Hon. Kiwanuka Abdallah (Mukono County North MP, NUP) called for an amendment of the Magistrates Courts Act to review the ‘Monetary Jurisdiction’. Also Hon. Atkins Katusabe (Bukonjo West MP, FDC) asked the government to look into compensating families of personnel who die while serving the country especially those in the Health and Security systems. This follows the demise of a health professional while on duty.  

On her part, Hon. Rwabushaija Margaret Namubiru (Workers MP, Indp) raised a concern over the delayed payment of pension & gratuity to retired ambassadors and diplomats. She demanded for an explanation and action from Government, while Hon. Sekyanzi Benard (Budyebo MP, NRM) was concerned that locals in Budyebo were being denied tenancy of Kyalubanga land which was promised to them by the President. He said the district leaders were instead ferrying people from other districts to occupy the land and arresting anyone that tries to challenge them. He tabled the names of those that have been illegally detained by police including a 70-year-old man. He prayed for government to visit the location and ascertain exactly what is going on and help his people.

Thereafter, State Minister for Local Government Hon. Busingye Victoria tabled the Local Governments (Cities) Regulations, 2022. Since the creation of cities, members had been demanding the operationalization of the various functions of the new cities. The Regulations were referred to the Committee of Public Service and Local Government.

Later, Hon. Igeme Nathan (Jinja South Div East MP, NRM) sought leave of Parliament to introduce a Private Members’ Bill entitled “The Capital Markets Authority (Amendment) Bill, 2022”. The Bill seeks to amend the Capital Markets Authority Act cap 84. He was granted leave to introduce the bill. However, the Speaker, stood over consideration of the National Legal Aid Bill, 2022 for the Second Reading until a reconciliation meeting has been held with the office of the Attorney General. She cited a few concerns with the Bill, one being the fact that the copy of the bill used in seeking the certificate of financial implication differs from the one that was tabled for the first reading.

Hon. Nathan Igeme Nabeta

 Later, also, the House moved to consider the motion for a Resolution of Parliament on the Auspicious Occasion of the Beautification of the Venerable Giuseppe Ambrosoli, a professed member of the Comboni Missionaries of the Heart of Jesus, medical doctor, philanthropist and educator. The 3rd Deputy Prime Minister, Hon. Nakadama Rukia, spoke to the motion saying Fr. Ambrosoli was professional, kind, patient and a true man of God. He was a Doctor of Charity and his legacy will continue to be a guiding light to other servants of God.

Rt. Hon. Rukia Nakadama

The Leader of Opposition (LOP) Mathias Mpuuga on his part said Fr. Ambrossoli was a gift to the nation and as such we must emulate his life in serving God and our neighbour. He added that there was a need to pay attention to the issues that he held dear such as justice and care for people. Hon. Basalirwa Asuman (Bugiri Mun. MP, JEEMA) noted 3 things concerning the work and life of Fr. Ambrossoli: – He chose the simple life at the expense of opulence; Chose to offer a service that is critical & essential to the country to the extent that it attracted people from other countries like India, Nairobi, and Sudan for treatment. “Ironically, as we speak now, we are leaving to go to India and Nairobi for treatment. What an irony?!”, he said. He said that by the time he died, he was in a lot of distress. “His last days were not the best as he was arrested and humiliated and as a country, we need to apologise to the Catholic community and the family of Fr. Ambrossoli”, he said.

On her part, Dr. Hon. Lillian Aber, (Kitgum DWR, NRM) said, “The theme for the beatification is ‘God’s servant to the suffering people’ and it is only fit that this theme is thought through by every leader in this country. We ought to be servants of the people”. Also, Hon. Feta Geofrey (Ayivu Div East, NRM) said “The Catholic Church has done enormous acts of service in this country. Because of limited government resources to do everything, the Catholic Church has been able to help in the Health and Education sectors”.

Hon. Lilian Aber

Later, Hon. Onen Charles (Laroo-Pece Div, Indp) moved a motion under Rule 61 for an amendment to the motion to raise Kalongo hospital to a Medical University where research on tropical diseases can be done and treated. The House adopted the motion.

Thereafter, the Plenary was adjourned to the next day Thursday at 2:00 pm.

Courtesy AFLI and CSBAG Parliamentary Monitoring team.


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