Afli Projects

Karamoja Cluster Project (KCP)

We initiated a project among the Ateker communities straddling Uganda’s borders with Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia to spread a message of peace and harmonious co-existence through theatre, music and sports. We set out to do the unthinkable: Bring about camaraderie, companionship and stable relationships among the Karimojong, Turkana, West Pokot and  Sabiny communities

Peace Buiding and Human Rights Protection

Within the framework of our vision and mission, we implement initiatives to facilitate regional solidarity, co-existence and stability in the border areas. Under our theme titled “Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace”, we create dialogue avenues between senior government officials from communities like the Turkana and West Pokot counties of Kenya, Karamoja Region of Uganda, Toposa of South Sudan and Nyangatom of Ethiopia.